“If it sounds too good to be true …”

The old saying ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’ needs to be revised to “it absolutely is”

Recently TOPS has been running into proposals to clients that seem to indicate “the phone system is FREE” if you go with the vendor’s quote as presented.

We have been provided with details of this vendor’s “cost comparison’s spread sheet” that show current telephone line rental rates compared to services that the vendor would supply.

In each case, the cost comparisons are “at the very least” significantly misleading or inaccurate.

The company providing the comparison of line costs fails to notify the prospective client that they may be switched to an alternate carrier or significantly change the customers line configuration.

Furthermore, even though they carry out NO analysis of call volumes or traffic study they fail to advise the client that they may REMOVE lines.  The overall result is significantly reduced call capacity resulting in busy signals to your customers.  However the projected savings are broadly based on reduced services and fictitous line rates with the vendor stating that, based on their analayis, the client can deploy a new phone system without any additional expense.

What the vendor FAILED to disclose was:

  1. The existing telephone system was an “open” design and that there was NO need to  upgrade what-so-ever !
  2. The “SAVINGS” projected (by reducing call capacity and functionality) looked at first glance as significant HOWEVER – they did not clearly represent the fact that the customer is now “locked” into a 66 month Lease for the “Free Telephone System”!
  3. Even though there was no need to change out the system, the client could have provisioned the same new equipment from different suppliers at a significant savings (40-50%) !

The example above details why you should always contact TOPS, your trusted advisor for technology.

TOPS would have provided analysis of call patterns and line traffic volume to determine if a re-configuration was required. We would have then provided recommendations and designed a solution that was best for your business, not just subject you to an upgrade to a new system and the resulting EXPENSE (no ‘savings’) when there was no real need to do so.

If you have been approached with a deal that seems ‘too good to be true’ – it ABSOLUTELY is.

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