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We have 39 years of expertise establishing mutually beneficial relationships and caring for businesses of all types all over the Okanagan, Thompson and Fraser region. Trust us to use industry best practice and keep everything up to date and secure.

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Work Smarter Not Harder. We Help you Utilize the Latest Technology to Promote Efficiency in Workflows, Increasing your Productivity and Improving the Overall Experience For Your Customer

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Empower and mobilize your modern workforce to collaborate from anywhere, anytime promoting a better work/life balance and embracing the new normal. No matter your existing service provider we can partner with you to ensure you get the best setup promoting efficiencies for all areas of your business

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We promise the latest reliable, fit for purpose solutions fully supported by friendly experienced technicians. We deliver comprehensive training to ensure you get the most out of your technology with little to no downtime as we understand time is money.

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Whether you’re moving your communications technology to the cloud or maximizing your on-site investment with next-gen apps, TOPS has the tools you need to simplify your business communications.

What does TOPS do really well?

We have really enjoyed having the ZULTYS software available to our staff members. We find it very easy to look up contacts in the directory. Being able to search by different criteria makes it seamless. A few of our team members shared with me that they love the drag and drop feature when transferring a call to a specific contact. We have a few team members who used the mobile app when working remotely but most find it easier to simply transfer their desk phone (Via ZULTYS) to an external number. When using the mobile app, we enjoy being able to use all the features of our desk phone anywhere. Specifically listening to voicemails and accessing the company directory. I personally enjoy the feature of being able to have my desk phone ring a few times and the go to my cell phone, so I don’t miss call when not in the office. I also appreciate the feature of being notified of voicemails in my email. This is a great way to keep a mental reminder to listen to the voicemails or to remember to call people back. This helps me work more efficiently.
Our experience with Tops has been exceptional from the start! From Steve Chung expediting the process to fill our company's needs, to their service technicians being on call and always going the extra mile (thank you Aiden and Sean!). We have been very pleased with our experience and will absolutely recommend them in the future.
TOPS came into our office and set everything up smoothly and efficiently. Their tech team was extremely helpful and friendly, being sure that everything was in top condition throughout the entire porocess. We highly recommend!
TOPS was extremely helpful with setting up our multiline phone system. All of the troubles we had previously with an off-the-shelf product vanished once TOPS put our new system into place. I can't believe we didn't think of making the switch sooner! Thanks, TOPS.
TOPS has supported our dental clinic since we moved here to the Okanagan and it has and continues to be a pleasure working with them.

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