Keep Your Teams Inspired and Your Clients Happy — From Anywhere

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Keep Your Teams Inspired and Your Clients Happy — From Anywhere

Keep Your Teams Inspired and Your Clients Happy — From Anywhere


Zultys Unified Communications adapts to today’s fluid work environments, keeping teams connected and customer engagement strong.

The workforce experienced a seismic shift amid the pandemic, but employees proved they could be productive no matter the location, be it in-office, at home, or on the go. Flexibility is the new non-negotiable, and companies must adapt. But what does it take to effectively manage a hybrid, distributed, global workforce

Businesses need collaboration tools capable of handling any situation that may arise now or in the future. Our Zultys Unified Communications (UC) solution allows teams to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device. With a deep feature suite offering call center integration, SMS texting, group chat, web conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, and video calling from a single intuitive interface, our web-based Unified Communications suite offers a seamless experience that is easily scalable.

Advanced Call Center Capabilities

If you’re looking to improve the overall customer service record of your call center, Zultys’ integrated contact center solution (ICC) can help. Our Integrated Contact Center solution allows customers to quickly reach someone inside your company and communicate with them directly, as incoming calls are intelligently processed and routed to agents based on customizable rules and real-time conditions. For callers, this ensures the shortest possible wait time.

Agents can be located anywhere in the world, allowing for true flexibility and around-the-clock coverage. And the work isn’t done just because a call concludes. Our call center analytics tracker offers detailed information about how employees are helping clients, so businesses know what’s working and what isn’t.

Additional Product Capabilities for Your Business

Adapting to dynamic workforce environments will continue to be a challenge over the next few years. Zultys can help you adapt, wherever you’re headed. Our flexible, agile, all-in-one system will keep your teams connected from anywhere. We offer a full suite of capabilities:

  • All-in-one office phone systems
  • Zultys Advanced Communicator (ZAC) and WebZac application-based UC clients
  • IP Phone Systems with all-in-one communication solutions (MX and Cloud solutions offered)
  • Integrated Contact Center with advanced call center capabilities
  • Mobile app for iPhone and Android
  • CRM and application integration
  • Web and audio conferencing

Whether companies, employees, or their clients are remote, in the office, or both, they need access from a mobile phone, office desktop, and a remote web application. Zultys Unified Communications offers myriad ways for them to connect and interact. Click here to get a demo to see in action how Zultys can make the most of your evolving workforce.

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