The Future of Business Collaboration

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The Future of Business Collaboration

The Future of Business Collaboration


When all your employees are under the same roof, getting the group together to brainstorm ideas and solve big problems might only be an issue of fitting everyone into the same conference room. But when your employees are spread across a city, a state, or even the entire country, how do you pull everyone together to collaborate? Today’s technology has made the physical location of employees irrelevant as they can now access all of their work tools from outside the office. But in the process of making it easier for people to work remotely, they’ve lost something that is inherent to the productivity of the entire workforce — the ability to work together as a single unit.

ZAC is a tool that’s designed to help employees connect and collaborate from anywhere. It specializes inenhancing productivity by combining all methods of communication into a single all-in-one application that is intuitive, easy-to-use, and able to support the communication needs of any business. You can still put all your best brains into the same conference room together — it just won’t be a physical room anymore.

The collaboration possibilities are endless when employees utilize ZAC’s powerful suite of communication tools. The chat functionality enables all employees working on the same project to communicate together in real time. When conveying ideas with chat becomes too difficult or time consuming, simply use the group conference call feature. All the contact info that employees need is right at their fingertips, so there’s no wasting precious time figuring out how to get in touch with coworkers. Smaller collaboration hubs, for more focused and specialized projects, can be easily set up with the Groups feature. And with Presence Alerts, your team will always know who’s available to join calls or chat groups.

ZAC integrates seamlessly with all the call handling and call management functionality that has made Zultys Unified Communications solutions indispensable to businesses of all sizes across the country.

ZAC is smarter communications designed to make your business communications work for you, connecting you and your employees with a single pane of glass user experience. Now you can work anywhere, from any device, with anybody, just as easily as if you were all still sitting around that old conference room table together.

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