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Top 5 Advantages of a Business Video Surveillance System

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  As a business owner or manager, what do you think about from sunrise to sunset? If you are like most operators, your business is your baby.   [ Estimated Reading Time- 3 Minutes ]  You have put an immeasurable amount of hours and effort into your organization. Your business is likely your main source […]

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IT Networking Basics: What Businesses Should Know

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  As a business owner or high-level manager, you likely have a close relationship with your IT department. If you don’t, you may want to consider a MAJOR SHIFT in the technological focus within your organization.   [ Estimated Reading Time- 4 Minutes ] A few decades ago, it would have been considered a competitive […]

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8 Ways to Protect Against a Cyber Breach


  When most people think of security, the image of a portly guard or an alarm system that was installed in the late 90’s might come to mind. As businesses began to operate online, storing and sharing crucial data on their networks, the world of security shifted to include everything electronic. Your intellectual property, financial […]

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11 Cybersecurity Myths Okanagan Business Owners Need to Know About

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  The term “Cybersecurity” is tossed around more than a football during an NFL game. It seems like everytime you check Google News there is a new article outlining the devastating results of a cyber attack. As a business owner or manager, your data and IT infrastructure are two of your most precious assets. So […]

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