Top 5 Advantages of a Business Video Surveillance System

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Top 5 Advantages of a Business Video Surveillance System

Top 5 Advantages of a Business Video Surveillance System


As a business owner or manager, what do you think about from sunrise to sunset? If you are like most operators, your business is your baby.


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You have put an immeasurable amount of hours and effort into your organization. Your business is likely your main source of income and your entire family may depend on its future success. If your business is such an important asset, should it not be protected at all times?

If you have not made security one of your top business priorities, there is no better time to make a mindset shift. In this article, the TOPS team will walk you through the top 5 advantages of installing a TOPS business surveillance system.

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Advantage #1 – Monitor Your Business From Anywhere

You have heard the old adage, “When the boss is away, the employees will play”. Our Flir Video software turns your laptop or smartphone into a digital surveillance system. Check in on your business at any time, from anywhere. It’s amazing what happens to productivity levels when it’s common knowledge that work areas can be viewed remotely. After installing a video surveillance system you can expect to decrease employee conflicts, vandalism, graffiti, and theft. TOPS gives you peace of mind, even when you are at home or on vacation!

A business owner monitoring his video security system from his phone


Advantage #2 -Stay Connected to Your Business Internationally

Having a surveillance and security system that you can tap into remotely is great, but what happens if you are not paying attention? Our Flir video surveillance system provides owners and operators with alerts and updates any time an emergency takes place. Would you sleep better if you knew that you would instantly be alerted if a break-in or fire occurred at your office? Business surveillance systems can drastically decrease security threats but they also have the added benefit of decreasing stress levels. Stop worrying and start thinking security.

A business owner checking in on his video security system while he travels

Advantage # 3- Decrease the Number of Physical Security Threats

Whether you are worried about employees stealing supplies, local criminals breaking in, or mischievous graffiti artists; a video surveillance system will thwart the threats you worry about the most. Even just the physical presence of cameras will go a long way in deterring criminal activity. The power of a surveillance and security system dramatically increases when individuals notice signage that indicates the area is being actively monitored and recorded. Physical criminal acts can be extremely costly for business owners but they also can put your customers and employees at risk. Protect your assets and protect your people with surveillance!    

A criminal applying graffiti to a local Okanagan business

Advantage #4 – Thwart Cyber Attacks

Our Flir video surveillance systems come equipped with VMS software which helps defend against cyber attacks. Standard security systems are just like any other piece of technology in your business. Computers, smartphones, printers and cameras- they can all be hacked and used against you in a cyber attack. Would you want an outside criminal party or competitor getting unrestricted access to the footage being filmed on your security cameras? Ask your TOPS security expert about how VMS will keep your business safe from malicious hackers.

A hacker attempting to gain access to a business security system

Advantage #5 -Expand Your Surveillance Area with Unlimited Cameras

If you were insuring your car, would you consider only insuring a portion of it? The front two doors but not the back two? If your organization is committed to increasing its overall security with video surveillance cameras, you should have units throughout the entire organization.

There are some systems out there that limit the number of cameras that can be connected to your security network but with Flir’s latitude system, you have access to an unlimited amount of cameras. That’s right, an unlimited amount. Starting with the main traffic areas is a great start but you should have the ability to monitor and protect every square foot of the business you have worked hard to create.

A business with multiple security cameras


Are you ready to start monitoring and protecting your business? Our technical security experts are ready to answer any questions you have about our Flir system.


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