Is a Hosted VoIP Telephone System the Right Choice for Your Business?


  Recently there has been a lot of buzz around “moving to the cloud” and integrating technology into every facet of business, but is that the right move for your business?  It may be, however, as a business owner or manager, you must thoroughly analyze any investment and discover the true costs and benefits it […]

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Communications Systems: Cloud, Onsite, or Hybrid?

TagsIT & Managed Services, Solutions, Telecoms, TOPS

Taking the plunge into 21st century communications takes a serious collection of trained IT staff, administrators, and server equipment. Communications have become a lifeline for the modern business, meaning any fault or failure of that system can have major repercussions for the business as a whole. There are a few options currently available that facilitate […]

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Picking the Perfect Printer for the Office

TagsIT & Managed Services, Services, Solutions, Telecoms, TOPS

When it comes time to buy an office printer, the dizzying number of manufacturers, competing technologies, and features will leave anyone confused and baffled at first glance. To break things down, you will need to isolate your needs in terms of which technologies are necessities, and which are non-essential. For most offices, printing speed and […]

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