Why Your Office Needs Video Surveillance

Why Your Office Needs Video Surveillance


Video surveillance is not a new technology in the world of business.  In fact, the earliest recorded video surveillance was constructed and implemented way back in 1942. Utilizing video for surveillance purposes may be an older form of security, however, the technology that is being used today has drastically improved the effectiveness of such a system. In 2018, video surveillance is nearly a standard in most business environments. It is almost certain that  you have been recorded at some point when entering or leaving a business through the power of video surveillance software. So, why is video surveillance so common and why do you need it?


As a business owner, it is important to consider the threat of vandalism, theft and break-ins. Vandalism and graffiti can cost your business thousands of dollars each year, especially  when you consider the cost of lost revenue during this time. Theft and break-ins are a huge concern for a company of any size. The installation of video surveillance cameras has the power to deter any acts of vandalism, theft and break-ins. However, if any of these instances do take place, the video surveillance systems have the power to record the acts and help apprehend the criminals.


The safety of your employees should be one of your primary concerns. Having video surveillance cameras set up in strategic areas can help ensure their safety, both in the workplace and while traveling to and from the office. Cameras positioned in parking lots ensure staff member can travel to and from their vehicles without harm. Cameras located at entrances will monitor who is coming in and out of the building and at what times these events occur. Systems installed throughout the office also have the ability to record any office harassment or abuse that might take place. The security benefits are nearly endless and a smart investment for any business owner.


Having cameras set up inside the workplace actually promotes employee productivity. When staff members are aware that they boss can check-in, productivity increases, the number of small breaks decrease and employees become more punctual. In addition to increasing productivity, video surveillance systems can be used to monitor employee performance and to help determine if there are any areas that an employee many need to improve. In some companies, surveillance video can be used to check-in on equipment and machinery, which is especially important in any sort of manufacturing environment A surveillance system provides insights into machine productivity and can be monitored for dangerous situations which can save thousands of dollars in repairs and even save an employees life.


As a business owner, it is impossible for you or your managers to be everywhere at all times. By employing video surveillance systems throughout your facility or office space, you can ensure that your staff and your property remains safe and secure.

Is the overall security of your business lacking? Whether you need help with video surveillance or network security, the TOPS team has you covered!


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