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TOPS Service Agreements

Are you achieving maximum productivity from your recent technology investments? A common scenario: companies invest in solutions, but employees may not utilize their full potential. This can be due to inadequate training, high staff turnover, or simply not understanding how to utilize the system effectively. At TOPS, our custom-fit service agreements are designed to ensure you maximize the productivity of your purchase.

From the date of purchase onward, TOPS service agreements go beyond typical support – they are a commitment to enhance the productivity and longevity of your communications hardware and software. We are responsible for maintaining equipment, making programming changes upon request to fit your evolving needs, and keeping your team up to date on core system features through ongoing software upgrades, training, and support.

With TOPS, you’re not just buying a product; you’re entering into a partnership that ensures your communications investments pay off. Annually, small and mid sized businesses allocate approximately 7% of their revenue to IT. Isn’t it time you ensured that every percentage point is actively working for you? Let us help you not just invest in technology, but thrive with it.

We Offer You…

  • Tailored Communications Solutions: Our solutions are designed to drive revenue by aligning closely with your business needs. At TOPS, we don’t just provide technology; we deliver systems that enhance your operational efficiency and boost your bottom line.
  • Dedicated TOPS Professionals: Our team dedicates considerable time to researching and implementing technologies that are best suited to your specific requirements. We focus on leveraging your investments to improve productivity across your organization.
  • Reliable and Relevant Systems: We ensure that the communications technology we provide is not only reliable and consistent, but also directly contributes to enhanced customer service and increased job satisfaction. With TOPS, your employees will have access to smart, dependable tools that enable them to perform effectively and confidently.

Included in our Service Agreements:

  • Priority Handling: Receive priority queuing for service calls, equipment moves, additions, and programming changes to ensure your needs are addressed swiftly.
  • Guaranteed Parts Accessibility: Always have access to the necessary parts for your equipment without delay.
  • Comprehensive Software Support: Benefit from no-charge software upgrades during business hours to keep your systems up to date.
  • Full Service Warranty: Enjoy a full service warranty on all TOPS contracted equipment (excluding headsets), ensuring your investments are protected.
  • Remote Support: Support is provided remotely whenever possible to maximize efficiency and minimize interruptions to your staff and productivity.
  • System Maintenance: Backup and archiving of system databases are handled routinely to safeguard your data.
  • Training and Resources: Benefit from unlimited training and user materials to ensure your team can fully leverage the technology.
  • Expert Technical Support: Our technicians are industry certified and manufacturer trained to ensure things are done properly the first time.
  • Audit and Analysis: Undergo service provider audits and analyses to optimize your communications solutions.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Custom holiday-specific programming adjustments are available to suit your seasonal business needs.
  • Voicemail and Greetings: Customize greetings and voicemail settings to enhance your company’s professional image.
  • No charges for “no trouble found” service calls and network provider calls.
  • No labor charges for moves, additional equipment, and programming changes.

* Wiring additions and troubleshooting not included.

  • 24/7 Emergency Support: No charge for emergency support, ensuring your communications are always online.

* Regular service requested outside of TOPS business hours not included.

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