Save Money Through Document Analysis

Save Money Through Document Analysis

The average office is overloaded with outdated, money draining print devices that increase monthly costs. Inefficient ways of doing business drive up your costs and slow down your processes. You need to look at your usage patterns before you can ring up the savings.

Most people start by looking at ways to save on printed output, but you need to start at the beginning of the document lifecycle. The birth of a business process typically starts with the creation of a document.

Think about a customer order. You create a quote, print it and send it to a customer. You save the electronic copy in a file folder, document management system or your financial application. The customer may request changes to the quote so you edit the original, create another copy and print it. The customer eventually sends you a purchase order which you key into a system. You create and send an invoice and in Net 30 or 60 you get paid.

Analyzing this business process looks at all the steps involved in document creation, retrieval, distribution, storage and disposal. By understanding your workflow and the time it takes for each step, you can establish usage patterns.

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