The Importance of a Print Management Strategy for your Business

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The Importance of a Print Management Strategy for your Business

The Importance of a Print Management Strategy for your Business

Despite the fact that the world in the 21st Century is becoming increasingly digital, traditional printing remains a vital component for many businesses. But while documents are created to serve any number of important business purposes, print is generally, and unfortunately, perceived as a necessary evil rather than a business process ripe for improvement, and as such many companies continue to operate without a comprehensive, fully-functioning print management strategy. This means that money that could be profit is being lost on wasteful or unnecessary printing jobs. Here are the benefits of a print management strategy and why every business needs one.


Print management is the concept of combining all printing via copiers, fax machines and traditional printers under a single strategy to manage and optimise their use. Basically, it’s all of your printing needs under one roof, streamlined into one cohesive strategy. A print management strategy will help you manage the printing environment of your business, optimise your infrastructure, and improve workflow processes.


It may be surprising for you to hear that most business do not track their printing costs, which more often than not leads to excess spending and lost revenue. Print is a process often outsourced or overlooked because business do not have the time, the expertise, or even just the inclination to carry out improvements that could save them time and money. In fact, on average, 20% of all print jobs are not even picked up, and 40% of print jobs could be printed duplex (double-sided) to significantly reduce a business’s operational paper costs.


A print management strategy finds and removes non-essential employee printing habits and inefficient workflows. It improves communication among employees and streamlines the inter-connectivity of a business’s printing requirements. In other words, a print management strategy finds out where your business is losing money, tells you how to plug the leaks and speed up processes using tactical time-efficiency methods, and, most importantly for any business, shows you how to reduce costs. And while the primary purpose for a print management strategy is to reduce the cost of printing, thereby reducing waste and freeing up resources and funds for a business to invest elsewhere, it’s also about managing data and information effectively. Employees have to focus on their work; a business needs to be profitable and continue to grow. Therefore, finding and eliminating miscommunication or wasteful or inefficient processes is essential to creating a better, more positive, and more productive work environment for everyone.

Businesses and organisations willing to adopt an effective print management strategy are able to continue using printed media to strengthen, not weaken, their bottom line.

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