One Stop for Office Technology

One Stop for Office Technology


Why call 3 companies to fix 1 problem? Why not have one company handle all of your phone, internet, IT, and printing services? Why not, indeed. Hiring a unified communications provider has many benefits. It isn’t just convenient, it’s an important investment in a tactical business partner who will save you time, money, and stress handling all of your technology services. A unified communications company differentiates itself in the crowded technology sector because of their technical expertise in managing all aspects of a customer’s network. They bring all technological requirements under one banner and pass on the many benefits to their customers.


All businesses, big or small, follow the one cardinal rule: increase revenue and reduce costs. From start-ups to small and medium-sized companies to large-scale corporations – everyone is looking for ways to improve the operational efficiency of their business without compromising on quality or service. And that is why the practice of finding outside professional assistance to help run, maintain and monitor your business’s technology needs – whether it be phone, internet, IT, printing – is the way ahead. Having a capable unified communications provider offers a flexible and balanced work life environment for you and your staff, offers advice and guidance in all technology matters, and should something go wrong, they’re only a phone call away.


Choosing a unified communications provider means no longer having to dial three or four numbers to find a solution. Your technology partner can set up a system where just one phone number can be used to reach you or your employees, as well as offer you the option of communicating via a multitude of channels such as phone, chat, mobile, or video conference. Desk phones will be able to communicate with desktop computers, mobile phones, and other gadgets that are capable of messaging, voice, and video applications. Real-time conversations can happen anywhere, anytime, on any device. This creates a happier, more productive, and flexible workforce, and paves the way for better team collaboration and conversation. And, best of all, your customers can reach any member of your staff since a call can be forwarded or rerouted to any other person and any other device, whether it’s a desk phone, mobile phone, or patching them in to a conference call. With such a unified solution, you will eliminate unnecessary processes and save time. And, as any business knows, ‘time is money’.


A print management strategy is the concept of combining all printing via copiers, fax machines and traditional printers under a single, focussed direction to manage and optimize their use. In other words, it’s all of your printing needs streamlined into one cohesive strategy. A print management strategy will help you manage the printing environment of your business, optimize your infrastructure, and improve workflow processes. It improves communication among employees and streamlines the inter-connectivity of a business’s printing requirements.

At TOPS Office Solutions, we provide the solutions, so you can focus on your business. There’s no phone company, no internet provider, and no more IT guy, because at TOPS we unify and manage all of your technology requirements under one roof.

Let us show you how our tech-experts can help your team increase their efficiency with installation, training, and support for phone systems, copiers, and network services.

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