Save up to 60% on your business phone & internet

Save up to 60% on your business phone & internet

Every company wants to find ways to maximize their budget & reduce costs. For many companies phone systems and internet access are essential to everyday operations, a critical component for doing business. At TOPS we believe in people helping people. We provide the opportunity to our customers to no longer have to deal with call centres. Shaw phone and internet plans ensure you do business on a secure and reliable network. Simply call TOPS and we can audit exactly what services you need, and sell them to you at exactly the same price points/promotions as if you called in yourself. Not only will we audit the services you have, making sure you are only buying exactly what you need, but we will be able to make sure it complements your current systems, and handle all of the paperwork and migration planning.

Finding the right Internet Package

Just like finding the perfect suit, your perfect internet package has to be the right fit. Depending on your needs there are many different packages available. Not sure which Internet solution is right for your business? We’re here to help. Our team will work with you to find the right Internet plan, so you can focus on growing your business.

Finding the right Phone Service

It’s critical to stay connected and available to your customers. Finding the right phone package for your company is easy when you work with TOPS. We are highly skilled at evaluating your needs and identifying the package that will maximize your utility while saving you money.

Switching to Shaw is easier than ever.

  • Keep the same phone numbers when switching over
  • No long distance system access fees
  • Service agents based in British Columbia
  • 3 year rate guarantee on all new phone and internet products

This partnership eliminates your service ordering and bundling stress, allowing you to make one call to solve it all. This includes renewing existing services, and upgrading (all hassle free with no effort on your part). Often after a free audit of your services, you can save significant money per month, and get better and faster services. Let us show you how.

Whether you are currently with another service provider or are starting a new business, email or call us at 250-762-8888. A TOPS representative will be happy to discuss your business needs and work out a bundle that best fits you.

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