Computer Networks

Computer Networks

Empowering your business through reliable solutions

A reliable network is mission-critical to your business. It needs to work every day, for every person in your organization. At TOPS, we specialize in the design, installation, and troubleshooting of computer networks of all sizes, from the ground up. We work with you to find the right balance between security, convenience, resiliency, and price.

What we offer

Business Connectivity Support

We offer free consultations and advice when selecting an internet service provider. We remain carrier agnostic and believe in selecting the best internet connection available to you, considering your location and budget. We can put you in contact with a trusted representative from Telus or Rogers/Shaw.

Communications Wiring

Whether renovating your entire office, or simply adding a new workstation, we install voice and data jacks where you need them. We use CAT5e or CAT6 wiring, professionally installed following ANSI/TIA-568 standards, with minimal interruption to your staff.

Firewall Routers

We install industry leading firewall routers from manufacturers such as Ubiquiti, Cisco, and Microtik. We customize each firewall router installation to increase security, reliability, and convenience by utilizing technologies such as cloud-based management and monitoring, VPN, QoS, SD-WAN, DPI, content filtering, and more.

Network Switches

Connect and power every device on your network through managed Power over Ethernet switches from Ubiquiti, Cisco or HP. We design and program your Layer 2 network following industry-wide best practices, by utilizing technologies such as cloud-based management, PoE, VLANs, LLDP, and QoS.

Wi-Fi Solutions

Enhance your wireless connectivity with the latest standards and technologies from industry leading Ubiquiti Unifi access points. Our expert technicians use wireless design principles and diagnostic tools to ensure optimal placement of all wireless access points in large deployments.

Point-to-Point Wireless Bridge

For large campuses and distant buildings, when fiber optic cable is not an option, we can deploy high-speed directional antennas that extend the network from the primary to the secondary building(s). Outdoor roof-mounted point-to-point and point-to-multipoint antennas from Ubiquiti can connect buildings kilometers apart with line-of-sight.

Ensuring Network Reliability for Every Size of Business

Reliable computer networks are critically important for cloud-based VoIP phone systems. Whether you are a small business with less than 10 users, or a large enterprise with multiple locations, trust TOPS Telecommunications with all of your networking needs. Our services include selecting the best internet service provider, installing communications wiring, setting up and managing your routers, switches, and Wi-Fi, and of course, phones. Our goal is to provide secure, convenient, and resilient networking solutions tailored to your needs, and our industry certified technicians take pride in a job well done.

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