One-Stop Shop for Business Solutions

One-Stop Shop for Business Solutions


We are your one stop shop for all of your technology needs! Here at TOPS Telecommunications, we provide innovative business telephone and VoIP Systems, copier solutions, network printing, and managed IT and computer networking solutions. We are dedicated to identifying and designing business systems that support your business needs with reliable and scalable solutions. Our experienced team is here to assist you with all phases of planning, design, installation and service for your most important business tools. We will guide, support and train you every step of the way.

Telephone Systems

In a world dominated by smartphones and tablets, businesses often forget to pay close attention to the phone systems they choose, thinking their mobiles will be able to cope. The reality is that just as you spend time carefully considering other key services for your business, choosing the right phones should also be an issue you explore thoroughly. The number of phone systems that your business could use are varied and diverse. Some of the systems you may need could include:

  • Landline
  • Mobile
  • Self-hosted VoIP
  • Cloud-based VoIP
  • Virtual Phone Service

What system is right for your business depends on a variety of factors and there are pros and cons to each option. The options are ever-changing — and the choices are made more complicated by the industry’s unrestrained use of jargon and abbreviations. Our team can help you identify which system will be right for you. We offer straightforward, seamless and scalable solutions:


  • Voice-over IP solutions that tie multiple locations together and support remote workers
  • A global approach to ensure best in class equipment, service and support combined with efficient connectivity for voice and data
  • Latest mobility connectivity to enable your clients seamless connection with you, your office, from anywhere in the world
  • More effective in-bound call processing with a contact centre or automated attendant platform
  • Information on hold campaigns to better communicate your latest offerings
  • Web and video conferencing solutions

Printers, Copiers & Multifunction Devices

Single-Function or Multifunction? What about paper-handling options? Is speed a priority, or is low-cost more important? Do you need colour and exacting quality, or will mono, draft quality prints suffice? Will staff need to print remotely? These are a few of the many questions when it comes to selecting the right printer. The type of printer you’d pick up at an office supply store like Best Buy or Staples is not going to cut it for business use, at least in most cases. Even small offices usually need far more sophisticated machines for efficiency and productivity.

Whether it is printing, copying, faxing or scanning, documentation is a fundamental requirement in business. As an extension of your data network, digital copiers enhance the flow of information and provide documented business proof. Because of this, having an integrated system that connects all your digital and electronic needs is crucial to the smooth operations of your business. At TOPS, we offer a complete line of color and B&W office multi-function printers, delivering advanced features to print, copy, scan and fax all in one. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service and with our highly trained service technicians, deliver solutions that help your business perform at peak efficiency. Our Trusted Sales and Support staff are accredited annually by all of our partners and provide a service that takes the stress out of managing the workflow of your electronic data as well as your printing costs.

Network Services & Managed IT

Today, data, voice, video and a host of other applications are all converging. Maximize the integration of your communication tools with TOPS. We help turn independent solutions into integrated solutions. We don’t pretend to know what is best for you and your company, but we do know that implementing “IT best practices” results in a stable and secure IT environment. It is our experience that IT stability and security allow your staff to become more productive—ultimately resulting in increased productivity.

Our Best Practice Assessment is designed to compare your current IT environment and support model against industry standard IT best practices. We take a look at all aspects of your environment and provide you with recommendations for improvement.

TOPS has been locally owned and operated in the Okanagan Valley for over 30 years. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for your business. Large or small TOPS Telecom can help your company improve productivity, efficiency and ultimately your bottom line.


Learn more about the products and services that we offer! 

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