Tops Partner Konica Minolta Saves the Planet, One Ink Cartridge at a Time

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Tops Partner Konica Minolta Saves the Planet, One Ink Cartridge at a Time

Tops Partner Konica Minolta Saves the Planet, One Ink Cartridge at a Time


When we partner with other technology companies, we look for organizations that provide high-quality products and services while also keeping our planet in mind. Copiers and printers are a necessary part of doing business but their environmental impact is typically less than ideal. In fact, about 11 ink cartridges are thrown away per second around the world, and it takes up to 1,000 years to fully break down each unit in a landfill. Printer cartridges also contain hazardous chemicals and materials which can negatively impact wildlife if not properly disposed of.


Konica Minolta’s Mission

TOPS is proud to offer the complete line of office laser printers from Konica Minolta. Not only do they have world-class printing devices and technology, they are also leaders when it comes to recycling the by-products of office printing.


The Clean Planet Program

Konica Minolta has created an initiative that is focused on improving recycling processes and protecting the environment. The Clean Planet Program looks to simplify the issues of printing waste and create methods of eliminating waste products that are easy and convenient for the people that are using the printers on a daily basis. The backbone of the program is a commitment to preserve the planet for generations to come.


A Solution for Every Size

Whether you are an individual consumer who goes through a couple of cartridges per month or a large business that burns through 200+ cartridges, there is a Clean Planet Program solution designed specifically for you. Konica Minolta provides shipping labels and boxes, all you have to do as a business is load your empty printing supplies into said boxes.


What the Program Offers

-Streamlined Ordering: As a TOPS customer your ordering process will be seamless. All of your ordering needs will be orchestrated through our services, with the ability to create your own prepaid waybills and control when your cartridges are picked up.

-Online Tracking and Reporting: If you wish, you can track your box kits progress as it travels to and from your facilities. You can also receive monthly environmental reporting that will show the weight and units that have been recycled from your location.

-One Stop Recycling: All of your printing consumables can be included in a single box, including but not limited to waste toner bottles, developer units, toner cartridges and imaging units. It should also be noted that when you are part of the mid-range to large box programs, you can include all brands of printing waste in your box – Konica Minolta will take them all!


Curious about the program but not sure where your business fits into the mix? You can call Konica Minolta directly at 855-453-2784.

If you are interested in getting new Konica Minolta printers in your office, we can help with that! We have a solution for every office issue that you are faced with. Copiers, printers, networks and phone systems, whatever your need, we will have you equipped and educated in no time.


Visit our CONTACT page to connect with one of our teams and ask them about integrating Konica Minolta’s line up into your business! We service the entire Okanagan Valley and the Thompson River area!


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