TOPS Partners with FLIR Video Surveillance Solutions!

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TOPS Partners with FLIR Video Surveillance Solutions!

TOPS Partners with FLIR Video Surveillance Solutions!


With a number of video surveillance options available for you to choose from, how do you know if you are selecting the correct one for your business? At TOPS, we can help you find the right fit that leaves your physical property, digital assets and personal protected. We are excited to announce that we have recently partnered with the company FLIR United VMS and will be offering video surveillance services throughout the Okanagan Valley.

FLIR United VMS offers one of the best-in-class video surveillance systems that can be custom tailored to your business needs and grow as your security requirements do. Whether you have one location or multiple offices, FLIR has a video management solution that will provide the peace of mind you have been seeking.

All products offered by FLIR use common software and can be monitored through the same interface. With FLIR you have the power to log into your video surveillance system at any time and will receive alerts whenever a security emergency takes place, giving you confidence that your business and team is protected.



Looking to manage large-scale surveillance operations over IP networks? The FLIR Latitude video system is one of the most effective surveillance platforms available to your business. The Latitude system provides you with the ability to run an unlimited amount of cameras in multiple locations with its enterprise-level software.



If unlimited cameras aren’t necessary, the Horizon Network Video Recorder can better suit your needs. Horizon is best equipped to monitor small-to-medium sized businesses, however, this doesn’t mean you are limited to a single location. Horizon is more than capable of securing multiple locations, with the ability to install up to up to 128 cameras total.



If your operations are a little smaller and restricted to a few key areas, the Meridian Network Video Recorder might be the best option for your business moving forward. With the option to install 8, 16, or 24 cameras, this video surveillance system is ideal for businesses with smaller areas to monitor. The great thing about this system is that it is a compact, plug-and-play, all-in-one Network Video Recorder. With the Meridian, you gain the benefit of having an EZ client web interface with viewing capabilities that don’t require additional workstations.


With any of the three FLIR video surveillance systems, you have the option to begin small and then expand your system as your company grows. The architecture of their systems allows flexibility, which is very important for many of our clients here at TOPS. Having scalable video surveillance systems allows for the incorporation of future technologies when they hit the market. This includes ultra-resolution, cyber protection, cloud storage, and big data analysis. We have decided to partner with FLIR because they are building video surveillance system technology that has the ability to adjust to security threats today and into the future.

With the United VMS software, your security cameras are equipped with a “defensive approach” against cyber attacks. This software is also the key piece of technology that makes it possible for you to access all of your video assets anytime, anywhere.

Ready to jump into the future of video surveillance? Call us at TOPS to find out more and get your system installed today!



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