Avaya’s Chapter 11 Filing Forecasts Trouble

Avaya’s Chapter 11 Filing Forecasts Trouble

As Avaya searches for a solution to their massive mountain of debt, employees and customers are concerned

When deciding to partner with any entity in business, it is paramount that you have faith in their success and longevity. Whether that partner is a supplier, distributor or major customer, your future success will be directly linked to their progress and financial stability. With the announcement of Avaya’s decision to file for Chapter 11 Protection, many of their customers are questioning whether they will exist in the near future and if they do survive this turbulent period, will they still be significant force in the market.

TOPS Partnership with Mitel

TOPS Office Technology Solutions has always selected their partners in business very carefully, which is why we distribute products and solutions from the industry leader, Mitel.

Mitel is a stable and forward-thinking alternative to struggling competitors such as Avaya and Nortel. If you currently have or are exploring the Avaya or Nortel platforms, TOPS alongside Mitel can offer business communication services that will install confidence in you and your customers. By partnering with TOPS, you are provided with services and products from financially secure companies that support your long-term strategy.

Mitel’s Reach and Financial Strength

Mitel currently has over 60 million end users across the globe and has displayed confidence-building growth, increasing their revenues from $600 million to over $1 billion in the last 5 years. They are the only brand recognized across 5 Gartner Magic Quadrants for business communications. Mitel has also been identified as:

  • The #1 provider of enterprise business communications in Western Europe
  • The #3 provider of enterprise business communications in North America
  • The #1 provider of cloud communications globally

Mitel’s Strategy

Mitel has become an innovator of seamless communication and collaboration systems for businesses of all sizes, creating commercial models that encompass cloud, on-premise and hybrid options. Mitel has further differentiated itself from their competitors by offering uniquely flexible deployment of their systems while maintaining a secure and diligent approach to managing their business. Mitel continues to be proactive, utilizing an acquisition strategy to drive industry consolidation and growth, ensuring they are the most stable and trusted option on the market.

Is Mitel the Right Fit For My Business?

Mitel is the perfect fit for organizations that embrace or are seeking a “mobile first” approach with their enterprise. Mitel’s system creates seamless communication and collaboration for all aspects of your business while allowing for the adoption of cloud communications at a pace that suits your needs.

As a competitor in your own industry, you must balance the cost of migration with the necessity of evolving and innovating to ensure you remain relevant to your consumers. With superior technology and methodology, Mitel helps organizations with mixed vendor infrastructures shift to the next generation of communications with minimal costs and disruption

By partnering with a strong and trusted company such as Mitel, your business will be able to flourish with seamless technology and communication, and you won’t leave you worrying about their financial future. TOPS is confident in Mitel’s ability to aid in the process of migration with a series of offers and solutions designed specifically to help Avaya or Nortel users who are worried about the future of their providers. Your telecommunications partner should be vaulting you above your competitors, helping to innovate and grow your business. If your provider is a major source of uncertainty, it is time to position yourself alongside the leadership and stability of TOPS and Mitel.

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