Acquisitions Solidify Mitel as an International UCaaS Leader

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Acquisitions Solidify Mitel as an International UCaaS Leader

Acquisitions Solidify Mitel as an International UCaaS Leader

The telecommunications mogul, Mitel, has continued to display its commitment to providing their customers with the best possible VoIP and cloud-based platforms, with multiple related acquisitions in 2017. Over the past six years, Mitel has gone through half a dozen massive acquisitions that have transformed the company into a unified global leader.

Recent Acquisitions

In the past four months, Mitel has acquired Toshiba’s Unified Communications division along with the massive telecommunications vendor, ShoreTel, in its entirety. After welcoming the ShoreTel workforce to the team, Mitel now has about 3,200 channel partners and a total workforce of approximately 4,200 employees.

This has drastically increased Mitel’s market share and reach, elevating the company to become the second largest UCaaS provider in the world. This new company will have estimated annual revenues of $1.3 billion, with $263 million of that revenue being derived from recurring cloud services. This is further foreshadowing to the massive migration that will occur in the coming years from traditional communication systems to cloud based alternatives and solutions.

The ShoreTel addition also gives Mitel a compelling communications platform-as-a-service offering, allowing their customers and partners to easily construct applications on an effective API platform.

The Power of Synergy

These are exciting times for any businesses or consumers that are supported by Mitel. By combining large powerful players in the telecommunications market, improved service and new innovative solutions are a very likely outcome.

The most recent acquisition of ShoreTel alone is expected to create over $60 million in cost savings as the two companies synergize. This will be achieved by combining their marketing efforts and eliminating duplicate functions or personnel.

The CEO of Mitel, Rich McBee, recently told analysts that these moves have been made to create a stronger, more unified communications leader for their customers and partners. “The timing is right and the market conditions are prime for this move”

Hybrid UC (Unified Communications)

When the acquisition is finalized and closed in September, Mitel will release a detailed outline of what the new company will look like. The approach Rich McBee is likely to take is to embrace an environment of hybrid UC. This would involve utilizing Mitel on-site products, combined with ShoreTel’s impressive cloud services.

It is expected that the vast majority of Mitel customers will go “hybrid”, making them more efficient and competitive, while also driving Mitel’s continual growth. The future success of Mitel will be directly correlated to how successful they are in migrating their clients to the cloud.

Mitel and TOPS Will Continue to Succeed Together

The team at TOPS is confident that our partnership with Mitel will continue to be an asset for our customers moving forward. Alike Mitel, TOPS is committed to continual growth and improvement in the world of unified communications solutions for businesses. We will continue to make our customers more efficient through solutions that are not only dependable, but also innovative. If you want to take your businesses productivity and efficiency to the next level, give us a call today and we will show you the power of UC and cloud based systems.

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