11 Cybersecurity Myths Okanagan Business Owners Need to Know About

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  The term “Cybersecurity” is tossed around more than a football during an NFL game. It seems like everytime you check Google News there is a new article outlining the devastating results of a cyber attack. As a business owner or manager, your data and IT infrastructure are two of your most precious assets. So […]

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Why Your Office Needs Video Surveillance


  Video surveillance is not a new technology in the world of business.  In fact, the earliest recorded video surveillance was constructed and implemented way back in 1942. Utilizing video for surveillance purposes may be an older form of security, however, the technology that is being used today has drastically improved the effectiveness of such […]

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High Speed Internet for Business- How to Supercharge Your Speed and Productivity

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  When discussing how the speed of your internet connection affects the overall productivity of your business, the net results may seem obvious at first. Everytime an employee has to wait for a web page to load, a document to download, or an email to send, you are losing those seconds or minutes- this is […]

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How to Make Your Office Technology Productive Again

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  It was not too long ago that technology completely changed the way business was conducted in the average office across North America.   The internet allowed companies to connect with partners, employees and customers around the world. Personal computers gave each employee incredible capabilities, eliminating many time consuming tasks such as recording data by […]

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