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Straightforward, seamless, quick, dependable telecommunications is a requirement for optimal performance of your business. A custom designed telecom solution helps you serve your customers.

Effective communications reduces response time, heightening customer satisfaction while increasing revenues.

What We Offer

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Voice-Over IP Solutions

Voice-over IP solutions that tie multiple locations together and support remote workers.

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A Global Approach

A global approach to ensure best in class equipment, service and support combined with efficient connectivity for voice and data.

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Latest Mobility Connectivity

Latest mobility connectivity to enable your clients seamless connection with you, your office, from anywhere in the world.

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More Effective Processing

More effective in-bound call processing with a contact centre or automated attendant platform.

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Hold Campaign Info

Information on hold campaigns to better communicate your latest offerings.

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Web and Video

Web and video conferencing solutions.

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Your Complete Managed Services Solution

Managed services vary in their makeup significantly. We have created plans that provide the most flexibility to deal with ever changing technology allowing you to maximize your return on investment. These plans virtually eliminate the possibility of being stuck with outdated technology and the potentially huge investment required to get new technology.

One low monthly price can provide it all for you.

We reduce the business impact of telecommunications failures by minimizing their occurrence, and any unforeseen issues are dealt with as a top priority.

All aspects of your telecommunications needs are covered!

Technology must do two things; increase your profitability and improve your competitive advantage. Otherwise, it is not worth the investment. As technology changes rapidly, TOPS is able to provide integrated data, voice, and video solutions to make your communications effective today without sacrificing your business needs for tomorrow.

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