Second Opinion

Second Opinion

Here are just a few of the things that make TOPS different:

  • Our experience, knowledge and expertise throughout the Company enables us to provide clients with the best possible solutions, backed up by first-class support.
  • At TOPS we use each of the solutions we promote internally within our own business. We strongly believe our solutions and our people can help your business too.
  • Our customers can be assured that they are dealing with trained and accredited Sales and Support staff that are annually accredited by all our partners.
  • We achieve all of this whilst maintaining an integrity and reputation, which is the benchmark for our industry.
TOPS Office | Business Phone Systems, Copiers & Printers, Managed IT | Konika Minolta Printer
TOPS Office | Business Phone Systems, Copiers & Printers, Managed IT | Toshiba Printer

We look forward to the possibility of broadening our working relationship with your company and would welcome any opportunity to discuss your future document printing requirements and how we are well positioned to help.

If you want that free 2nd opinion call us now at (250) 979-6700 OR Let us know when your current lease expires and we’ll follow up with you.

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