With Mitel UC360, true collaboration is just a click away

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With Mitel UC360, true collaboration is just a click away

With Mitel UC360, true collaboration is just a click away

Mitel® UC360™ Collaboration Point delivers multimedia collaboration right to the personal office meeting space. With UC360, collaboration becomes a natural part of a productive work day.

Make multimedia collaboration a natural part of your work day and Imagine being able to engage in rich, productive, multimedia collaboration with co-workers, partners, customers, and others as easily as making a phone call. With Mitel UC360™ Collaboration Point, you can do just that.

Mitel UC360 Collaboration Point is a first-of-its-kind device for the personal office meeting space. Created in response to customer requests for an easier, more cost-effective way to foster collaboration, it is a single device that combines in-room presentation display and multi-party audio and visual collaboration for remote participants. Compact, easy to deploy, touchscreen, simple to use, UC360 gives customers what they’ve told us they need to turn collaboration from a special event into a natural part of every work day.

Easy, spontaneous collaboration. With UC360, there’s no need to book busy meeting rooms. Multi-party collaboration, planned or spontaneous, happens right in the personal office meeting space.

Simplified meetings and presentations. Starting multi-party collaboration is as simple as making a phone call. Manage all aspects of multimedia collaboration using an intuitive touchscreen interface, so even novice users get started fast.

Enhanced productivity and innovation. Less time scheduling and managing collaboration, and more time spent actually collaborating, leads to stronger relationships with co-workers, customers, and partners. That drives higher productivity and innovation.

UC360 delivers high-quality collaboration capabilities:

Multimedia collaboration. UC360 provides in-room presentation display that’s simply not available on even more expensive conference phones. An HDMI interface supports connection to HD displays and projectors. The built-in four-party HD video bridge allows for visual collaboration with documents and presentation materials available to remote participants.

Superior audio quality. HD, four-party audio provides a superior sound experience. A 16-microphone array uses patented beamforming technology to deliver crisp voice quality and advanced audio processing that makes conference calls feel like in-room experiences.

Open, standards-based. Open, SIP-compatible, standards-based UC360 fits seamlessly into existing infrastructures, including Mitel and other PBXs, video solutions, and computing environments. UC360 supports multiple file transfer methods, including cloud access (Dropbox and Google Docs™), USB Flash Drive, Micro SD card, and linking to a remote desktop.

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