TOPS Supports The Community with Their Complete Coverage Package

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TOPS Supports The Community with Their Complete Coverage Package

TOPS Supports The Community with Their Complete Coverage Package

TOPS’ Complete Coverage Package enables The Kelowna Food Bank and The Bridge- Youth and Family Services to stay connected and up to date with the latest technical solutions.


TOPS Technology Solutions has many customers in the Okanagan that operate in multiple locations with diverse needs. Keeping numerous operations functioning under a single umbrella is no easy feat and it requires constant monitoring and updates. The Bridge has four locations in the Okanagan that are all connected with the help of TOPS, while the Kelowna Food Bank has two locations that operate in unison under the Complete Coverage Package.


The Kelowna Food Bank


The Kelowna Food Bank is a non-profit organization that provides those in need with healthy, nutritious food. The organization relies on the support and generosity of the community and operates on the donation of food, funds and time. Every month, they provide food to about 4,000 Kelowna residents that need the nourishment the most, distributing over $3,500,000 in food products per year. They are an amazing organization that TOPS is extremely proud to work with and support.


The Bridge


Equally as impressive is The Bridge organization. They are also a non-for-profit that has been providing services to those in need in the Okanagan since 1969. Their mission is to aid the community through counseling, education and support for anything from addiction to caregiver support. With four locations and more than 75 professional staff members and volunteers, The Bridge positively affects the lives of thousands of local children, youth and families every year.


How TOPS Helps Organizations With Multiple Locations


When you look at the complexities of networks, VoIP phone systems and document sharing within an organization, you can imagine what happens when you share those systems in different geographic locations instead of within the same walls.

At first it seems like a daunting task, but the TOPS team has tackled this issue with many large clients previously and does so successfully month after month with both The Kelowna Food Bank and The Bridge. Both organizations utilize a VoIP enterprise solution to keep all of their locations connected and utilize a rental and service agreement that allows them to benefit from a state of the art system at a minimal cost. These systems, coupled with TOPS Complete Coverage Package keeps The Food Bank and The Bridge fully supported and operation, 24/7.


What is the Complete Coverage Package?


Large organizations and other businesses don’t have time to worry about the efficiency and status of their technology. You need someone to monitor your systems and if an issue arises, it needs to be fixed quickly with the appropriate upgrades put in place to prevent further issues.

This is what TOPS Complete Coverage Package provides- 24/7 support, training and assistance, all at your fingertips. Our Complete Coverage clients receive priority when it comes to technical repairs and modifications. Everything from software upgrades to hardware training is 100% covered. This package is for the business that doesn’t want to worry about the technical aspect of operations; if you are a Complete Coverage client, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your business and your team is always supported.

Printers, copiers, emergency technicians- get the technology you need and the service to support it. Interested in learning more about how to connect your large organization’s phone, network and data sharing systems?


CONTACT OUR TEAM today and discover how our Complete Coverage Package will give your business the technical edge over competitors.


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