When is it time to upgrade the old copier?

When is it time to upgrade the old copier?

Are your employees beginning to bunch up around the copier waiting for their documents? Older printers and copiers are slower and less, efficient causing a backlog in your workflow. Replacing them with a newer model will allow your employees to complete their tasks more easily, efficiently, and with better quality output. That being said, knowing when to say goodbye to your old copier can be a challenge. Many business owners go for a new machine when their copier’s output, speed and functions no longer meet their current needs, but even if your old equipment keeps up with demand, it’s still a good idea to replace your copier every five years.

How well does your MFP function now?

  • Take some time to think about your MFP system’s place in your business.
  • When things get busy, does it make things easier or more difficult?
  • Are you spending more time than you should on maintenance, updates and
  • Is your business consistently printing from different applications?
  • Is it difficult to make changes to navigate the menu, options, and other data
    across your network?
  • Can you print from mobile?
  • Does your system let you use and manage features like scanning, faxing and
    scan-to-email, among other features?

Dig deeper into these questions by asking your staff how they feel about the system. What do they like about your business copier? What frustrates them when they use it? If staffers have worked at other similar businesses, ask them about the difference between their old system and the one you are using now. Consider your customers’ opinions during this process as well. Although your clients don’t interact directly with your MFP system, think about any complaints that you get regularly and how they might be related to your operations. How will a new MFP reduce those complaints and improve your customer experience? Your answers to these questions will give you a baseline of understanding for when you decide to start looking for a new business document solution.

Monthly Output

If your business produces a very high volume of copies, get a machine that can handle it. Look for information about monthly volume allotments to make sure that your copier will remain a reliable work horse. Every copier has a limited range of production, these ranges are often defined by average or maximum monthly output numbers to make it easier for consumers to choose the right version for their needs. When use exceeds the production range, especially if it is consistently forced to perform outside of its range, the more expensive and time consuming repairs can be – and that means less work gets done by the people who rely on the equipment.

Speed and Copy Quality

Copiers that leave employees idling – or worse, your clients waiting – are bad news for your business’ bottom line. Some copiers are made to produce a large quantity of copies very quickly, but others crumble under the pressure and jam if too many back-to-back jobs are ordered. Keep in mind that speed that speed can affect copy quality in some machines, and that standard black-and-white jobs are typically produced faster and cleaner than those that require colour. If your copier cannot produce the quantity or quality of copies that you need, it’s definitely time to get a new machine. Research your options, and remember that speed does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with a copier’s output capability.

Security Risks

All-in-one copiers contain hard drives which must be protected against security risks. If your copier is not equipped with security features or only has outdated security methods, you need to upgrade to maintain the integrity of your office network. Cyber-crimes are on the rise, and your copier nay be a vulnerable point of attack. Newer copiers come with enhanced security options so you can keep thieves off your network more effectively.

Excessive Spending

Older model copiers may be costing you more even if you are on a service contract than is necessary. Finding or repairing parts can be difficult and more expensive which is why service contracts rise over time. A lack of energy efficiency can be driving up your bills whereas newer models save energy and may serve more of your business needs.

Old Equipment

When downtime interferes with your operations, it’s time for new equipment. Studies show that by the five year mark the cost of keeping your old copier likely outweighs the cost of acquiring a new one. This allows you to maximize your cost benefit and take advantage of rapidly changing technology.

Lack of features

Today’s all-in-one copiers are office workhorses taking on copying, printing, scanning and faxing. Some even do folding and stapling as well! With rapidly changing technology, holding on to an older device means missing out on important features and upgrades. Energy efficiency, increased printing capabilities and other features can significantly enhance your business. A multifunctional copier can also help ensure that production is confined to one particular area, such as a back room in your office that you’ve designated as a copy station.

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