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Challenging times require creative solutions. Toshiba’s Unified Communications help you respond with solutions such as presence, instant messaging, mobile unified messaging, CRM integration, mobility applications, and more.

What can “unified communications” mean to your business?

To most organizations, unified communications means integrating business applications with people communications for a more effective business. It sounds great in theory, but it’s only meaningful if it provides tangible benefits, such as increasing productivity, improving customer service, generating sales, reducing costs, and increasing profits.

How can Toshiba’s Unified Communications help?

Most businesses already use office telephones, cell phones, voice mail, email, video conferencing, instant messaging, etc. In a non-unified approach, these various forms of communication work independently — and inefficiently.

Toshiba’s Unified Communications Suite includes the structure and intelligence to enable these various forms of communication to work together, so information reaches recipients quicker and through the most appropriate medium. Features provided in the suite include:

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