Slash Waste by Taming Output Madness

According to the Gartner Group, printing is the third highest business expense after payroll and rent. Businesses may spend 7% to 12% of their total revenue on document production, management and distribution.

For a business with $2 million annual revenue, that could mean $140,000 is spent on document management each year. A $10 million business could spend $700,000!

Most companies don’t know how many printing devices they have, how much they spend on them and how they use them.

Do you think you have a pretty good handle on things?

See if you can answer these questions.

•  How many printers, copiers and faxes do you have?
•  Do you use them too much? Too little?
•  How old are they?
•  How often do they need service?
•  How often are they out of toner?
•  How much IT time do you spend supporting them?
•  How much do you spend printing, copying and faxing?

You probably have a lot of different devices — different models from different manufacturers. That makes it hard to buy and stock toner and supplies. It also makes it hard to service and support them.


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