Mitel Signs with Toshiba to Transfer Unified Communications Systems and Assets

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Mitel Signs with Toshiba to Transfer Unified Communications Systems and Assets

Mitel Signs with Toshiba to Transfer Unified Communications Systems and Assets

Transferring Services from Toshiba to Mitel

At TOPS, several of our clients have been using Toshiba systems, equipment, and services to provide reliable communication and collaborative systems. Recently, news broke of Toshiba transferring their Unified Communications Systems assets to Mitel, another business partner with TOPS. The rationale for this purchase of assets is described in Mitel’s press release as, “reflect[ing] Mitel’s strategy to focus the company on expanding its position in the UCC market as digital transformation accelerates demand for cloud-based business communications solutions globally.” When the transaction has completed, Mitel’s customer base will immediately expand, moving many of Toshiba’s clients over to Mitel’s services.

How Does Mitel Differ from Toshiba?

Fear not, Mitel is established as a global leader in enterprise communications, currently hosting two billion business connections daily, with 60 million active users. With the planned merging of services, Mitel has planned a method for the seamless transition of services and support that will come from Toshiba. Mitel is a progressive corporation seeking to bolster their cloud-based services and reliable communication channels to a larger network of industry leaders and users. Telecommunication products from Mitel are already implemented in offices managed by TOPS, and with their ample resources, we expect a smooth transition of services when the transaction is finalized this Summer. As an authorized partner of TOPS, Mitel has fulfilled their obligations to our clients, and will continue to for all existing Toshiba clients going forward. As the press release details, Mitel is positioning itself as a global leader in Unified Communication & Collaboration, with tools that provide flexible, consistent, and innovative methods to enhance business capabilities.

Existing Technologies and Equipment

Our infrastructure for VoIP depends on several industry leading technology manufacturers, among them, Toshiba. Given our ongoing role in providing world-class technology solutions for clients ranging from small-businesses to large scale enterprises, TOPS will be addressing the transition of services from Toshiba to Mitel with the utmost care and diligence. With a sturdy foundation of IT Best Practices, TOPS ensures reliable, proactive management of your communications and collaborative systems. Technology remains an essential tool at the forefront of enterprise solutions, so with this transition, TOPS will continue to provide the unified services that you rely on to fulfill and simplify your daily operations. Downtime can have a drastic impact on all businesses, that is why TOPS powers clients with reliable systems and consistently managed IT.

What This Means for You

There are clear concerns that arise from this merger, but rest assured that the transition is being handled delicately by an expert team of IT professionals. Your warranties will remain and be moved over to Mitel, there will be no change in services or policies, and inventory of available equipment to order is not expected to be of concern. Additionally, new services may become available that can better aid your efforts to provide employees with collaborative systems and communications.

In reaching this Memorandum of Understanding, Toshiba is exiting the market of Unified Communications Systems, with Mitel stepping in to continue development in this fast-paced sector of business. With expertise in cloud-based management and IT devices, Mitel is strongly positioned to uphold the current services provided by Toshiba, while implementing improvements and diversifying existing options available for business. The Memorandum of Understanding establishes a transition of all ongoing services currently provided by Toshiba, with an expected transaction finalization of early Summer 2017.

As always, you can reach us with concerns and questions on our contact page, or by phone at (250) 979-6700

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