Why Customer Service is the Most Vital Aspect of Your Business

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Why Customer Service is the Most Vital Aspect of Your Business

Why Customer Service is the Most Vital Aspect of Your Business


Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Are you a hardworking employee that wants to rise through the ranks of your company and become a leader to others?


There is one facet of business that you can concentrate on that will deliver incredible returns and provide you with an industry wide reputation that will pay dividends for years to come. This vital aspect of business that is so often overlooked is commonly referred to as customer service.

You have heard this phrase over and over again but how often is truly great customer service actually implemented? The businesses that succeed in the long term put their customers first. They understand that satisfied customers are the life-blood of their entire operation and the true value of a client is found through an ongoing relationship where the customer gains value in every business-related interaction.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to make customer service your top priority in business moving forward.


1. Caring for Your Customers Creates a Brand that Attracts Others


When you put customer service first in your business, your customers will definitely take notice, but so will everyone else. Once you have established your brand, building it around a foundation of customer care, you will be known in the industry as an organization that is approachable and easy to work with. This casts your business in a positive light with suppliers, investors and potential future employees that are choosing where to work. Humans naturally gravitate towards individuals and groups that they feel they can trust. Invest in customer service and watch your profits and business grow!   


2. High Quality Customer Service Reduces Issue Related Costs


Business owners know better than anyone else that there is nothing more costly than problems surrounding their customers. In fact, poor customer service costs businesses billions of dollars annually according to Forbes.  Without superior customer service, business related issues are rarely quietly resolved, negative reviews and word-of-mouth an additional hardship that is passed along to the brand in question. Negative marketing is a long term cost to your organization but in the short term if you cannot resolve the issues your customers have you will also have to absorb returns, unpaid invoices/fees and additional labour costs.

A business owner providing customer service to a female client

On the flip side, if the focus of your business is customer service and your clients are treated with respect, they will be much more willing to work with you. If a small issue arises with a loyal customer, they may not even bother the corresponding company with the problem. When it comes to resolving issues with high quality customer service, the complication is typically resolved quickly, with the customer gaining even more respect for the brand, continuing to purchase the products and/or services in the future.


3. The Market Values Service Over Price


Thanks to the power of high speed internet and personal computing, the global market has never been more connected. Yes, this means access to a potentially larger pool of customers but it also means increased competition.

With the power to share a plethora of information and insights globally in seconds, your customer service and reputation has never been more important. Customer service can also be a trick up your sleeve that allows your brand to surpass its competitors without having to drop your prices in a low-margin battle with others in your industry.

When a customer is loyal to a company, they tend to pay less attention to the price point. They are willing to pay a few extra dollars for great products and services paired with valuable customer service. Increase your profit margins and market share by increasing the happiness of your customers!


4. Great Customer Service is a Powerful Marketing Tool


If your team is focused and effective in their customer service routines, you should be advertising that fact. As long as your business is actually delivering on your promises, high quality customer service should become one of your main marketing messages. Let potential clients know that if they decide to partner with your company, they will receive incredible service that will provide long term value to all parties involved.

A happy customer laughing near a local business

You can incorporate your customer service strengths into your paid advertising but this message will also be passed along by customers that have had positive interactions with your brand. When an individual has an incredible experience with a business, they often tell their closest family and friends about the service they received. Many consumers also jump online to leave you positive reviews on your website or on social media. This is one of the strongest forms of referral that your business can receive! 


At this point we hope it’s clear that we value customer service more than anything else. Our customers at TOPS are always our top priority. Not only do we believe that our customer service is our competitive advantage, we are willing to display that fact through our actions. If your business needs to enhance the way it interacts with technology, we would love to give you a glimpse at how we treat our customers.


Contact our team today to learn more about the solutions we provide for IT networking, printing and business phone systems!  





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